IPI Innovation Certification

Why Innovation Certification

An Innovation Certification program is the ultimate solution to the problem of high risks and costs associated with innovation. An Innovation certification is to supposed to help both commercial companies and not-for-profit organizations (including the governmental agencies) achieve the following objectives:

  • Adopt innovation best practices
  • Reduce innovation-related risks and costs, maximize the success odds by an order of magnitude, thereby making it more predictable and manageable
  • Identify those individuals who have demonstrated their ability to consistently deliver valuable real-life results

For an individual considering an Innovation Certification, the benefits are as follows:

  • Achieve mastery and self-sufficiency in the arena deemed of strategic importance by the business community
  • Get instantly recognized as a professional in the field of innovation

Why IPI Innovation Certification

At IPI, we recognize that other innovation certification programs are available for those interested. That said, however, we do believe that the IPI Innovation Certification program provides the greatest value to both organizations and individuals. Here is why.

  • You Will Have the Results You Seek
    The IPI Innovation Certification program has the most stringent requirements. In addition to such standard qualifiers as studying and passing exams/tests, our certification requires successful practical application of the acquired knowledge to real-life projects. This achievement proves professional’s skills and capabilities to deliver practical results. Furthermore, for getting certified at higher levels, a candidate is required to serve as a coach/mentor to other candidates and demonstrate other leadership skills, all of which should be of great value for sponsoring organizations. For more information about the program principles and its requirements, please explore the Innovation Certification Requirements page.
  • Your Certification Will Give You the Edge
    he foundation of IPI Innovation Certification Program rests on the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), the only scientific theory of innovation with prescriptive and predictive capabilities. GTI has been rigorously tested through the real-world applications and proven its effectiveness beyond any doubt. By mastering GTI, you will learn and adopt truly best practices, which are unavailable from any other source, as we are the creators of GTI.
  • You Will Master the Broadest Range of Applications
    The IPI Innovation Certification curriculum covers 8 different applications of innovation ranging from complex problems solving and cost reduction to forecasting evolution of a system and Strategic Innovation. Additionally, the curriculum contains such topics as effective communication, team leadership, change management, and others that complement the skills set of a true professional.
  • Your Certification Will Have the Geographical Reach
    While the IPI Innovation Certification program originated in the US, we are expanding rapidly and already have a partner/certification provider in Poland. We are about to expand into Brazil,Canada,Czech Republic,India,Italy, and Mexico, which is supposed to happen in 2013.