IPI Innovation Certification Requirements

The IPI Innovation Certification Framework

The IPI Innovation Certification Program has three levels of proficiency; namely, Innovation Green Belt™, Innovation Black Belt™ and Innovation Master Black Belt™.

At IPI, we strongly believe that true professionalism in any field (with innovation being no exception) requires a combination of the following attributes.

  1. Knowledge of the theoretical foundation and the best practices
  2. Proven skills in applying the acquired knowledge to real-life challenges with consistently successful valuable results
  3. Strong leadership skills that are required to lead people a project team to success.

With this thinking in mind and to ensure the Certification effectiveness and credibility, the IPI Certification Board, has developed and approved the following requirements for the IPI Innovation Certification Program.

Generic Requirements for Achieving IPI Innovation Certification

  1. Completion of a number of required courses
    Course requirements vary depending on the level of certification an applicant wishes to achieve. The curriculum for each of the mastery levels can be viewed and downloaded at respective pages. To be qualified for the IPI Certification, courses must be taken from an authorized IPI Certified Innovation provider.
  2. Successful demonstration of one’s ability to apply the acquired knowledge to the real-life projects
    To qualify for the IPI Innovation Certification, an applicant must successfully apply the knowledge to real-life projects within a specified period. The projects’ specific subjects and objectives vary and are predetermined by the respective level of certification an applicant seeks. Success of a project must be verified by BOTH an IPI’s Certified Innovation Professional supervising the applicant (this certifies the projects quality) AND by the management of a sponsoring organization (or a client-organization)that benefits as a result of the applicant’s activities in the form of a letter confirming practical value of the project results.
  3. Membership in the IPI Innovation Certification Network
    An applicant must be an Innovation Certification Network member in good standing. The low annual membership fee will enable the members to have free-of-charge access to all the new developments, take new required courses, have support, participate in forums, etc.

Requirements for Automatic Recertification

Once an IPI Certification is obtained, it will be automatically renewed on the bi-annual basis for those holding the IPI Innovation Certification who are qualified. Qualification for automatic recertification includes meeting the following requirements.

  1. Membership in the IPI Global Network
    Being a member of our global professional network ensures keeping your knowledge and a set of skills up to date. For a low annual fee ($90.00), members of the IPI Global Innovation Network have both free access to the discussions forum, material updates, including new/updated online courses, and substantial discounts for in-person attendance of professional events. Regular updates of the material and best practices should be expected, as we continuously receive practitioners’ feedback, rigorously monitor performance of our processes and tools, and put our earnest efforts aimed at improving their effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Maintaining the level of professionalism
    On the bi-annual basis, the professionals are required

    • to take any new courses that are required for the certification, the need for which is determined by the IPI Certification Board;
    • to conduct at least one project annually that involves use of innovation-related tools;
    • to pen an article dedicated to any aspect of the methodology (improvement of best practices, processes, tools, so on) and/or its practical application (case study).