Innovation Master Black Belt

Innovation Master Black Belt™ Certification Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled to become an IPI certified Innovation Master Black Belt™. If you have further questions, please contact us by clicking the Contact Us button located at the bottom right corner of your screen.


  1. An applicant must be (or become) an IPI member in good standing.
  2. An applicant must be a certified Innovation Black Belt™

Innovation Courses to Be Completed

  1. Strategic Innovation
  2. Corporate innovation management
  3. Change management

For more details, you can download the Innovation Master Black Belt™ curriculum.

Innovation Projects to Be Conducted

  1. Organizational Change Management
  2. Strategic Innovation

Innovation Leadership Requirements

  1. Teach 2 (two) Innovation Black Belt™ Certification courses
  2. Sponsor and lead to successful certification 3 (three) Innovation Black Belt™ candidates

Time Requirements

All the required activities have to be completed within 2 (two) years after completing the educational part of the certification process

Comments and Clarifications

  1. All the projects that are a required part of the certification process relate to a system of a candidate’s choice, which could be a product (a complete system, any sub-system, a part, etc.) or a process (a service, or a manufacturing process in its entirety or any of the stages of the production / service life-cycle such as transportation, storage, etc., or any transactional/business process such as procurement, negotiation, so on or any of their parts/stages/operations).
  2. The “Organizational Change Management” project consists in identifying a challenge associated with performance of an entity (group, department, BU, corporation, so on), analyzing the challenge, identifying key problems, developing innovative solutions, and successfully implementing them leading to respective positive changes in the state of an entity.
  3. The “Strategic Innovation” project consists in overcoming a strategic challenge of an organization. A specific project can relate to improving ROI, ROA, market share growth, development of a new advantageous business strategy or business model, new unique product or service, etc. The result of this project should be strategic advantage for a sponsoring organization.